How Us Healthcare Organizations/Individual or Group of Practices Benefit from Outsourcing Their Revenue Cycle Management Services to Billing Companies

Hospitals in the US receive a large inflow of patients in their OPD. Keeping track of patients is an everyday tedious job that most doctors have to do. It is important to keep track of the patient’s case history, name, injury, social security number, insurance, etc. To top it off, doctors are not only expected to provide medical care but are also required to keep track of their treatment planning, such as tests conducted, procedures done, medicines prescribed, etc., which helps in making the bills. 

Isn’t it too much work? But what if there was a way to simplify this process? An AI-enabled revenue cycle management service is what you will need. This type of service does a lot more than just handle the billing system of the hospitals.

Benefits Of An AI-Enabled Revenue Cycle Management Service

1.Streamlines All Manual Processes

Revenue cycle management services built with the latest AI technologies help doctors get free of the thick notepads that they carry. These types of services help eliminate all manual processes, such as intensive billing and focus on using high-end robotic process automation technology to conduct digital operations. 

The AI automation system can help doctors in many ways. As the patient walks in through the door, their registration can be done on the portal. This allows the doctor to fetch all the medical history of the patient. It helps in a smoother and hassle-free registration process. In-built bot systems help to analyze the number of patients the doctor has to see. Finally, it helps in providing a tentative date and time to schedule a visit. Thus, doctors can focus their time on the treatment of the patient.

2.Fetches Insurance Policy Details In No Time

The insurance policy of the patient plays a major role in the treatment protocol. For patients with a health insurance policy of a lesser value, high-cost treatment options are not possible. The AI technology of SIXA helps to fetch all the insurance details of the patient. This helps the doctor save time and make treatment-related decisions faster.

3.Documents Patient Visits

The revenue management system can also be used as a platform to document the patient’s visits. Doctors can save everything regarding the visit right on the portal. The test and procedure done can help in the billing process. As the doctor is able to keep all the medical history as well as update the portal with the treatment planning, it makes documentation of the caste history easier. Further, if the primary doctor is unavailable on the follow-up visits, it is easier for another doctor to take over the case as all the necessary details are already present.

4.Design Framework

The design framework of certain revenue cycle management services is made with multiple bots to help take care of your extensive business workflow. The bot system is developed using advanced technology to help cater to all your design-related needs. Designing your portal could never have been easier. Platforms with an in-built design studio with a dynamic assembler help take care of your design and automation needs. You may select from a wide range of variables, activities, and facilities that you want to put in your system. Setting up the correct workflow can help make things much easier for you to follow up and manage. 

SIXA design studio works on a simple drag-and-drop system. Thus, no expert knowledge is required to build your portal as per your needs. 

To operate the portal better, the SIXA platform comes with the option to add multiple dashboards to your portal. Doctors can easily access and add details to their portals. This helps them to manage their individual patients better. What’s more? You also get a centralized dashboard. This is internally linked to all other dashboards. Right in one place, you can check the updates on all other doctors. Not only this, but data is also processed and presented to you in the form of pie charts and bar graphs, which helps you track the overall progress better.


When it comes to using a revenue management system for the hospital, implementation is where most companies fail. But this won’t be your case. SIXA is a unique platform that provides fully automated services. But automation doesn’t just end with what they provide. Instead, users can fully customize what they want on their SIXA portal. Based on your needs and requirements, you can easily customize the portal. As a result, patient management and monitoring have never been easier. 

The advanced AI technology of SIXA provides you with rapid implementation. It is not necessary for you to build everything from scratch. Instead, you also get multiple in-built processes and activities that you can directly implement on your platform. This portal uses much less technical infrastructure, which makes it easier for you. Are you ready to experience the future of healthcare management with the AI technology of SIXA?

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